Frequently asked questions

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What is Rabbit Hole Market?
Rabbit Hole Market is an NFT Marketplace on the Solana blockchain where you can buy or sell verified NFT collectibles.
How to put my NFT for sale?
  • Go to your wallet page and connect your wallet.
  • Choose the NFT you want to sell.
  • Hit the Sell button and set the price. Take a look at fees and press the button.
  • Confirm the blockchain transaction.
How to cancel a sale?
  • Connect your wallet and go to your wallet page.
  • Press Listed NFTs and choose NFT you want to retrieve.
  • Click Delist button and confirm the transaction.
Which wallets do you support?
We support only Phantom Wallet at the moment.
What are the fees?
The marketplace fee is 1% on sales, and it is free to list/cancel/buy.
Do you handle the creator's royalties?
The royalties are set by NFTs creators and paid immediately after sale happens. You will see exact amounts before you will list your NFT.
I'm the creator of an NFT Collection. How do I get my collection verified?
Please, use the application form.